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There are no puppies at this time; Please check back toward the end of 2017 for any planned breeding

To reserve your "SPOT" please download an application and email to klockworkhandling@yahoo.com

  A waiting list is established once breeding has commenced. The waiting list is in place before deposits are taken,BUT if the deposit is not received within two weeks of litter confirmation, you will be moved behind those who have paid!!! Litter confirmation is done via X-ray around 49-55 days of gestation. Once the litter is confirmed, an email will be sent out that day. From that day is when the two week time period begins to pay the deposit fee. The remaining sum is to be paid in full by the time the puppies are 6 weeks of age(this includes shipping fees, if the puppy is to be shipped.)
  All puppies are sold upon approval of application, and contractual agreement(the contract has to be signed in order to receive a puppy!). Puppies are whelped, cared for, loved and handled daily at my home. They will be raised with other dogs and small children and good socialization skills. No puppies will be sold before 8 weeks of age, but likely to be kept till 10 weeks to stay with the mother to learn good manners, and interaction skills with the litter mates. Limited registration is sold with each puppy, full registration is only sold with a co-ownership if the puppy is going to be shown. Show quality dogs are determined by the breeder. Full registration is for the purpose of showing the dog, and potentially breeding at the discretion of the breeder. More information is in the contract.

   I encourage people on the waiting list to visit the puppies at 6 weeks of age to confirm their choice, so that you are not just picking via pictures. I also highly recommend visiting with the parents to get a feel for what you are purchasing. Also to get a first hand look at who you are getting a puppy from. It is important to meet the breed if this is the first Dalmatian you will have ever owned. If you are unable to visit in person due to distance, pictures will be available to better assist you in choosing. Also I will be there every step of the way with information on the puppies. Pick puppy is always the breeders choice and reserves the right to keep pick puppy, male or female. All other puppies and gender will be first come first serve based off of who is on the list! Please email me with any concerns or questions you may have about this planned litter! We are very excited and look forward to quality puppies!
  I do not sell based off pedigree, I sell based of the physical characteristics, and achievements of the parents. You will be buying a puppy from two dogs at my home, not the grandparents, or great grand parents. Having prices heightened because of whats in the
background is not moral to me. That is why the parents of my puppies are shown, titled, proven to have good temperaments, and vet approved. You can not breed papers, you breed dogs. My price is based off of the parents and the quality of dog they have proven themselves to be. All puppies are the same price no matter what pick they are, patch or no patch, color, or if you wants papers or not. These puppies will come from quality dogs and the price reflects that. Just like anything else you buy, the cheaper you go the more quality you lose, not just in looks but in soundness of the dog, temperament and so on.

Above Photo Courtesy of SleepyDog Photography!

CountrySide Kennels Suggestions Hand Out can be found at link below:
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CountrySide Kennels Puppy Application can be found at the link below:
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CountrySide Kennels Contract can be found at the link below:

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Puppy Price is-$1200(limited registration, still eligible for Obedience, Rally, Dock diving etc.); $1500 (full registration, co-ownership, and must be shown)
Deposit- $300
Shipping-  Available for an extra fee of $400 via Airplane(before 10 weeks); $450 after 10 weeks due to the increase in ticket/crate price, anywhere in the USA,includes travel crate, airline ticket, airline kit, and health certificate from a veterinarian. I am also available to meet halfway somewhere within a reasonable distance for a gas fee. Determined by the distance traveled.

Items included with puppy:
  • Registration papers for AKC
  • Microchip
  • Baer Hearing test results
  • Copy of the Pedigree
  • First set of shots and record
  • Dewoming from two to six weeks
  • Copy of the Contract
  • Suggestions/Recommendations hand out
Payment: Full payment is to be received via PayPal(plus4% to cover paypal fees), or check(and after the check has been cleared) no later than 7 weeks of age, or cash day of pick up.

Pedigree of Tanner X Cashmir litter:

Past puppies:
Tanner X Cashmir whelped Feb/9/2017(Baer Bi-lateral-12 Uni-lateral 2)

These are just a few from the litter of 14!

Tanner X Cashmir whelped May 19, 2016(BAER BI-Lateral)

The puppies are three weeks old here

Levi and Paisley at 4.5 months
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